We were contacted by Healthy Body’s owners, Dr. Alex Angel and Sarah Spach, in late 2018. They contacted us to handle all of their marketing efforts for their multi-disciplinary healthcare clinic.

Together we have created key marketing components including a marketing strategy, messaging platform, corporate identity and website.

Our adventure with Healthy body continues as we look to begin developing active marketing strategies for future campaigning with their exceptional team.

Here’s What Alex from Healthy Body Had to Say

My wife & I first encountered Brad & his brainchild Jet Propelled at his presentation at the Hamilton Chambers of Commerce. His talk touched on many subjects that we were aware of and other facets of marketing that we had never considered. In particular, we responded to his emphasis on ethical marketing and business practices.

Since then we’ve been contracted with Jet Propelled to handle all the marketing efforts of our multi-disciplinary healthcare clinic. Brad & his team have been meeting & exceeding our expectations throughout the process, from the demographic targeting to the rebranding, to the core messaging. Jet Propelled has been very responsive to our feedback as well, and we’ve been quite happy with the results thus far.

More than anything, I am happy to report that the subject of marketing has gone from “I don’t even know what I don’t know” and transformed into “I can’t wait for our next update from Jet Propelled, that last thing they sent us was great!”. Rather than dreading and wondering whether my own amateur marketing efforts will ever bear fruit, Sarah & I are both confident and unworried knowing that our business is in the capable hands of Brad & his team.

Dr. Alex Angel
Chiropractor, Owner | Healthy Body
Key Campaign Elements
  • Target Demographics
  • Marketing Map
  • Messaging
  • Corporate Identity
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • SEO & AdWords
  • Supporting Print Collateral
Complimentary Consultation

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