Origin Stories has been created to serve as a platform for Hamilton area small businesses to share real experiences of success, struggle, and everything in-between. The stories shared in this video series are honest, gritty, and vastly different from one another.

Great care has been taken to maintain the integrity of each individual business owner’s thoughts. There is no underlying political purpose intended but rather a mission to find the commonalities that bring us all together and to show the direct impact that supporting local small businesses has on elevating the lives of everyone in our community.

More stories will be added in the weeks and months to come. Please enjoy these stories of our Hamilton small business owners and support their efforts as they work to support our communities.

Erica Savoy

Erica is one of the very proud Co-Owners of Bitten Cupcakes on Locke Street. She has had a lifelong relationship with organizations like the Hamilton SPCA and Neighbour 2 Neighbour who provide food and education (among other things) to the Hamilton community. Her love and dedication to providing high-quality desserts might only be overshadowed by her love for the people (and animals) she supports through the business and in her personal life.

Erica’s Origin Story has been non-traditional, like many, and has seen emotional highs and lows throughout her first experience with business ownership. Her smile was infectious and we had a great time hearing her share her story.

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Ryan Moran

with the other partners at Comotion Group, Ryan has dedicated a great deal of time and resources to helping foster the development of Hamilton’s small business community. Self-described as a passion project, Comotion has seen its fair share of challenges with vandalism, break-ins, and natural disasters to name a few.

Comotion Group are proud supporters of local small businesses, champions of Hamilton’s economic growth, and play host to locally-focused events that help to elevate our community through education, donations, and in-kind support.

Nadine Ubl

Nadine has the unique experience of being both the Co-Founder of Steel City Studio and the Community Outreach Coordinator for PATH Employment Services. Nadine’s work with Steel City Studio has opened up the doors to many creative artists and entrepreneurs to find a home in the downtown core of Hamilton. Her work with PATH Employment Services fills a great need in the city for finding long-term employment for persons with disabilities.

Nadine has dedicated much of her time, effort, and finances in support of everyone in the Hamilton community. It was a pleasure having her in to discuss some of the challenges she’s faced in her journey.

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