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We were initially introduced to Innosys Power when we moved into our Gage Park area studio back in 2017. We started off by supporting small one-off design projects as needed. Our relationship really started to develop after we had the opportunity to work on a full-page ad design for them. We saw this project as an opportunity to really dig into their brand and the benefit they provide to their customers. As a clean power and surge protection business they were familiar with obligatory photos of lightning strikes and the like. We decided to turn the focus around on to their customers and how they could feel about their products. We came up with the “Ecstatically Uneventful” headline and “You’ve never been so excited for nothing to happen” byline paired with an image of a facility manager with his hands raised in the air in victory. Our connection had been powered up and we have been providing marketing support to Innosys ever since.

Strategy & Targeting

Innosys was an established company on the verge of significant growth and expansion. Add to that the fact that they were in a position to future-proof their business from a branding and marketing standpoint. For this we developed a comprehensive brand strategy guideline that outlined a complete branding hierarchy and strategy for the development and onboarding of future brands under the main corporate umbrella. This document still provides the basis for all branding decisions in an ongoing capacity.


Once we had a branding strategy established we were well on our way toward building out a sound branding guideline. This 28 page file covered everything from an update/refresh of their existing logo, fonts, colours, design elements, brand voice, design templates, and more. This central reference provided the basis of design and strategy for the new website project we took on for them the following year.

Website Creation

Hot off the heels of the development of their brand strategy and guideline, we were asked to design and develop a new website for the company. We took a unique strategic approach to the website and changed from their old format of being product focused to a new industry and application focus. We approach every project from the target audience’s perspective and knew that their prospective customers might not know what a “ServiceTrack TK-ST080-1P120-FL” was but they would be able to identify what industry or application they needed a solution for. So, we built the site to guide the user through a more convenient and easy-to-navigate path to find the solution they need. At the time of the site launch we ended up with 62 pages of comprehensive information that all sync up with each other and provide a seamless user experience.

Video Production

We were invited to North America’s largest symposium on surge protection at the Scottish Rite in Hamilton, ON to capture the speakers’ presentations as well as some client testimonials from Innosys. We ended up with several hours of footage across different areas of the facility and with 6 different speakers and 4 clients giving testimonials.

Marketing Collateral

Along with their initial strategy, branding, web development, and video content, we also created all of the design and printing for their business stationery, sales materials, signs, and banners. We are happy to be able to support such a wide range of marketing support for our clients as it eases their burden of having to source different agencies for different support needs.

Client Feedback

“What a great first impression. I recently was asked to advertise in a customer's Fall promotion trade magazine. I had 3 days to come up with a an ad that would not only stand out among all the others, but I wanted a concept that we could build on for future promotions. I met with Jet Propelled and discussed the talking points I wanted to promote, but had no idea on how to create something people would stop and read. Within 24 hours they had produced 2 concepts that were catchy, informative and something we can use as the launching pad of an entire marketing campaign. The final ad was produced on time and on budget with such good reviews from our customer that we have been given the front cover of the next issue. Thank you to Jet Propelled for creating a product that will generate sales, brand awareness and is sustainable for many more promotions to come.” Since then we've been contracted with Jet Propelled to handle all the marketing efforts of our multi-disciplinary healthcare clinic. The Jet Propelled team have been meeting & exceeding our expectations throughout the process, from the demographic targeting, to the rebranding, to the core messaging. Jet Propelled has been very responsive to our feedback as well, and we've been quite happy with the results thus far. More than anything, I am happy to report that the subject of marketing has gone from "I don't even know what I don't know" and transformed into "I can't wait for our next update from Jet Propelled, that last thing they sent us was great!". Rather than dreading and wondering whether my own amateur marketing efforts will ever bear fruit, Sarah & I are both confident and unworried knowing that our business is in the capable hands of the Jet Propelled team."
Tim Dakers
National Sales Manager, Innosys Power Inc.

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