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When asked why, we emphatically say why not? The world can always use a little more good and we want to do our part. 5 Days for the Good is an initiative designed to provide a spark, a method, and a community hub for contributing to a net positive in the world. Participants often do many good things throughout the year and in most everything they do but 5DFTG is an opportunity to focus that energy into a substantial effort across a 5 day campaign of giving. #5DaysForTheGood on social to plug in to all of the good being done.

How to Participate

5 Days for the Good is generally spread through a process of nomination wherein businesses who participate will nominate other businesses that they know will happily join the initiative. These organizations will schedule 5 benevolent acts over the course of a 5 day week (presumably Monday through to Friday). On your first day of participation you will send out your nomination. This way the next organization to pick up the baton will have a week head’s up to plan their week of activities.

Two men serving food to homeless people
A man speaking into a microphone, speaking to several tables of people
An image of a weekly calendar Monday to Friday, with a suggested good deed on each day
Make something special out of everyday!
Haven’t Been Nominated Yet?

Don’t let that stop you. Please feel free to start a nomination trail of your own. Check out some of the ideas we have included on what you can do to show your community support.

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  • Volunteer your time
  • Build something (ie, tool shed)
  • Plant a community garden
  • Donate to the Boys & Girls Club of Hamilton
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter
  • Host a puppy day at work
  • Feed the homeless
  • Have your company match donations to a cause
A cardboard flat of chicken noodle soup cans
  • Organize a food drive
  • Promote another business
  • Blankets for the homeless
  • Buy someone flowers
  • Have a conversation with a stranger
  • Host a bake sale for charity
  • Plant a tree
  • Donate to a charity or cause
Close-up of a musician standing close to a microphone
  • Throw an event
  • Host a raffle
  • Donate used computers and electronics
  • Donate money collected from empties
  • Spend time with seniors
  • Give blood
  • Help someone cross the street
  • Carry someone’s groceries
Litter on the ground of a park
  • Clean-up a local park or trail
  • Give up your parking spot/seat on the bus
  • Buy someone a coffee
  • Share your talents
  • Host a charity soccer game
  • Clean someone’s car
  • Write someone a nice letter
  • Offer your services pro bono
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