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We are big fans of the work being done by the wonderful team at the Downtown Hamilton BIA, so when they were referred to us by a friend of ours, we jumped at the chance to work with them. The budget was set and the timeline would make any marketer spill their extra hot, non-dairy, no foam, latte and we were excited at the challenge to support their “Win This Space” and “Work Downtown” campaigns. 

Filming & Interviews

We really enjoyed this opportunity to meet with some of the great property managers who work diligently to keep the downtown core vibrant and prosperous. Throughout the development of this video campaign we got to take a look at a day in the life of each of these downtown professionals and showcase their work-life balance along with some of the highlights and amenities of the downtown core of Hamilton, ON.

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Win This Space

“Ok, we need you to spend some time in downtown Hamilton and go around to see all of the wonderful shops and attractions.”


What a fun project to work on. We got to spend time with some of the downtown professionals we appreciate the most for a chance to highlight everything that the downtown core has to offer. We are native Hamiltonian’s ourselves and were honoured to be able to work on this important project.

Social Media Campaign

In support of the “Win This Space” campaign, we managed the roll-out of 13 individual campaigns across Facebook & Instagram resulting in a reach of over 120,000 people and a total of over 320,000 impressions over the course of 1 month.

Marketing Collateral

A simple add-on to the video and social components of the campaign but we wanted to make sure these little postcard-sized handouts stood out. We followed their pre-existing brand guidelines closely and incorporated striking visuals of available downtown office spaces to drive the piece home.

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