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We were initially contacted by Auto Spa’s new General Manager, Ken after he saw a feature on Jet Propelled in the business section of the Spectator. We were brought in to consult on their new $20 million dollar venture to produce the most technologically-advance car care centre in North America. We jumped at the opportunity and got to work right away. Our initial engagement was to handle all launch-focused marketing including strategy, design, content creation, event production, media buy, and even radio ad development (among other things). Since starting to work with the Auto Spa team we have produced upwards of over 30 promotional videos, over 40 live stream videos, a new website, a corporate jingle, and radio advertising among many other print and digital projects.

Strategy & Targeting

Flexibility and agility were the theme of this initial launch phase. We were initially given a 4 month timeline from start to launch. In that time we experienced significant construction delays that pushed out the launch an additional 3 months. While it is critical to have a sound foundational strategy, we also understand the importance of being reactive and agile. We were able to apply creative problem-solving to our moving target in order to facilitate a successful launch of their top-of-the-line facility in summer of 2018. Since then we have managed additional social media and active campaign support for continued success.

Website Creation

We designed and developed the new Auto Spa website in tandem with all of the other marketing support for their initial launch. We wanted to make sure that, despite the tight timeline, the new website was representative of the excitement generated from the new facility opening.

Social Media


Brand Impressions


Person Reach

News Print


Original Print Ads Created


Targeted Publications



Original Radio Ad Created


Audience Reached (x24 ad spots)

Video Production

Over the course of about 18 months we created over 70 videos for Auto Spa. Many of these were promotional videos and live streaming videos leading up to the launch of their new Mississauga location. Much of the video content was captured in unique (wet) ways inside of their exterior wash tunnels and state-of-the-art facility. The video content that was created was used in a multitude of different ways including: website content, social media promotions, on-site video wall content, partner/affiliate video signs, and complete on-site mall/trade show installations that we also designed, printed, and installed.

Marketing Tools

While we produced a tremendous amount of different support tools for Auto Spa, one of the most interesting projects was a vertical video wall for an on-site trade show experience. For this project we created custom motion graphics, incorporated original footage, worked with the equipment supplier to source the right kiosk, designed, printed, and installed the vinyl skin. Looking at the final project, you would never know there were so many moving parts but we think it came together seamlessly.

Radio Ad

Yes, we do radio too! As a part of the overarching launch campaign, we worked with our affiliates to create this concise and engaging 30 second spot that was broadcast on 680 News over the course of a couple of months leading up to their facility launch. We also created all of the voiceover copywriting and production for the video content we produced.

Client Feedback

"A $20 million investment in a new market, offering an upscale state of the art service. Our dilemma? How do we get noticed? We turned to Jet Propelled.

We discovered that Jet Propelled’s well of talent and creativity runs deep. We had virtually no online presence. 8 months later we were in the top tier. They designed our website and people really began to take notice…a lot of notice. They also created numerous truly fabulous videos, and ad content specially designed for our brand and market. This drove traffic both to our social media sites and of course our physical location. If I had to sum up our experience with Jet Propelled’s work, I’d say Madison Avenue has come to Southern Ontario. They are to be commended and recommended."
Ken Cranston
General Manager

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