Purpose-Driven People Make all the Difference in the World.

An agency is only as good as the people who dedicate their time, experience, and energy toward a well-defined common goal. Enter, the Jet Propelled crew.

The businesses we work hard to support deserve our best. We have made it our mission to build a team of highly-skilled and motivated individuals with a fluid and collaborative workflow. This translates to quality, efficiency, and consistency in the work we produce for our clients.

Meet Your Senior Crew

Get to know some of the more interesting details, experiences, and interests of your marketing experts.

Ashley Ince

Ashley Ince

Senior Graphic Designer

A multi-talented Designer and lifelong Hamiltonian. Thoughtful design and strategy are my best buds. My skill level in resourcefulness is Macgyver status. Sticky-notes and to-do lists keep me sane and I owe a lot to coffee.

I bring over 10 years of experience in branding & identity, marketing communication, and web design. When I'm not busy designing, you can find me cooking up something delicious.

Brad Dean

Brad Dean

President & Creative Lead

Born and raised all over Southern Ontario; went from high school, to college, to drumming on tour with a rock band for 4 years; grew up a bit (only a bit); became obsessed with design and marketing; started a family; still obsessed with all things design and marketing.

Over the course of nearly 20 years I have developed a wide breadth of experience with branding, marketing communications, business development, and creative product launch support. I also have a love for photography, videography, and really yummy tacos (mmm...).

A wide shot of Jet Propelled's office as you walk in the front door
A desk with duel monitors, a Macbook, speakers, a microphone, binder, keyboard, mouse and Jet Propelled branded mug
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A computer monitor, Macbook, keyboard, mouse and Jet Propelled branded mug

We are the sum of all of our parts and the communities that bind us are what also bring out the best in us.

Community Over Competition

Our agency is proud to be a part of the exceptional business community in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. As such, we are grateful for the opportunity to help support local initiatives that endeavour to make our communities better for everyone.

We proudly support these local organizations and reccomend them to anyone looking to get more involved/engaged in the community.

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